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Terms and Conditions

We spend the time and skill to understand the needs of your target audience

We fully claim, without any doubt, that we are working day and night that we bring to our customers the best we can manage. We specialize in providing the highest quality content to our customer, brought to you straight from some of the most experienced writers in every particular field. We pledge to bring to our clients exactly what they need, which would be nothing less than perfection.

We understand how difficult, time consuming and tedious content writing can be. It doesn’t matter whether you need bulk content or single write up; we can help you with all your writing needs. In addition to content writing, we also provide other many related services. This includes all the way up to:

Privacy Policy:
  • Personal Information:

At some point during the whole processing of your order, and in order to understand your needs and requirements in a better way, we might require some of your personal information. This personal information is sometimes necessary for us to have, as, without it, we might not be able to bring you the best. However, what we do swear upon is the complete privacy of all of your personal information. Your credit card numbers addresses and all the confidential information is safe in our hands. With the help of a very high technology system, we are able to shield ourselves from illegal access to your information. This is why our clients do not have to worry about the confidentiality because it is all safe with us.

After having utilized the information, we make sure the information can only be accessed by the inner team. This information will also only be used for official purposes, and we assure you that no harm will be done to you or your information by any member of our team. For as long as this information stays with us, we work hard to keep it as secretive as possible, and we assure you that you won’t be unsatisfied with our protection and privacy.

  • Cookies:

For this website to thrive and keep going, the use of cookies turns out to be very important. Google uses cookies on this site to be able to advertise things on and through this website. However, even though these advertisements are present on our pages, we do not control what happens with the information that is passed on through the cookies. Of course, none of your confidential information is conveyed through the cookies. The cookies only work at taking the information of your clicks, which turns out to be pretty important for the analysis.

However, what they do with the information they acquire is their matter. If you want to know, you can always head over to their site and read their privacy policy in order to make sure everything is still safe.

Sometimes, third-party advertisers also advertise their things on the site, and they use certain cookies to increase the usefulness of their advertisements. However, our website might not be aware of what kind of cookies they are using to acquire what kind of information exactly, as it is a third party matter. In this case, our website should not be held responsible if you’re not okay with the type of information that the cookies convey. In any case, we will not be held accountable for the actions of the third party.

Content Policy:
  • Placing an Order:
  • When a client places an order on our website, there is some special information we require of them. This information includes a thorough explanation of how you wish your order to be. We expect our clients to be as clear as possible, while thoroughly explaining every particular aspect of how they want their content to be written. If there are certain things which haven’t been satisfied while placing the order, we might leave it up to the professionals, and they might do what they feel is the best in that manner. In that case, we or our professionals aren’t responsible if you don’t find it satisfying, as we expect our clients to specify as much as possible while placing an order.After you place an order, we will provide you with a due date, by which the content will be ready for you. So the due date is when you should be expecting to receive your content, and we always try our best to bring your content to you within the shortest time possible!
  • Payment:
  • Before placing an order, we expect our clients to be aware of the fact that the payment is supposed to be done in advance. This means that while you are placing an order, you will also be expected to do the payment at the same time. The payment is also supposed to be done according to what your particular requirements are. It depends on the kind of content that you’re seeking to get written, the number of words you want, and it might depend on other additional features too. The payment is also to be fully made according to the total amount, and the order will not be processed if the amount isn’t complete.
  • Client Instructions:
  • On our website, we give our clients the freedom to explain as much as they want. We encourage our clients to specify as much as they can, related to the kind of content that they’re looking forward to achieve. In this, there can be things like the kind of writing style you wish for, as well as the level of vocabulary. About the particular topic that you’re requesting, you should list down all the important things you wish to be there within in the content, and our professionals will make sure they miss out on no essential stuff.The outcome of all of this greatly depends on the amount of instructions that you’re providing our professionals with to work on, and the better explanatory your points are, the better the content will be. In the case of missing or vague information, our professionals might have to take the matters in their own hands, but then they won’t be responsible for any unsatisfactory response from the client, as we encourage our clients to explain their points well in the first place to ignore such consequences.
  • Submission of Content:
  • When an order is placed, we provide our clients with a due date. That date is the expected date by which the content would be ready, and will be delivered to you. The content is submitted to the clients through the means that they provide while placing the order. We try our extreme best to submit the content on the exact date that we’ve provided as the due date, but if any consequences come up, like major internet connection problems, or if our website ends up facing a crisis in the middle, or if it crashes, we must not be held responsible for a delay in the submission. However, if there are no real problems and the content comes out later than expected, then we will be apologetic from our side, and will try our best to make it up to our clients.We try our best to keep our system and processing as steady as possible, and we avoid any such problems which might affect the performance and speed of our professionals, but if any such thing does come up, we’ll try our best to take care of it and normalize the situation, so that we can continue to serve our clients the same way.
  • Revisions:
  • If our client ends up being unsatisfied with any aspect of the content, the client can always request a revision, making it clear what they want to be changed in the content. The more specific the clients are, the better revisions are made. However, there are only some particular plans on which revisions can be made. On the basic plan, there are no revisions included, but you are able to get your content revised several times for other plans. There is no particular reason needed to be made for the revisions, we only expect our clients to make it clear what they want to be modified in the content until it fully satisfies our clients and until it comes up to their expectations.
  • Cancellation of Orders:
  • Our clients can cancel the orders they have placed, but there are some boundaries to it. Our clients can cancel the order and request for a refund for any reason at all, but the refund will only be processed by us as long as the work on the order hasn’t been started yet, and if this request for cancellation is made within 7 days of placing the order. If the cancellation of the order has been requested after the work on it has been started, and the request is made past 7 days after placing the order, then the refund will not be processed if you cancel the order.
  • Refund Policy:
  • In the case that your refund is being processed, we might cut some of the cancellation fees from the amount, and refund the rest. It is made sure that only the amount which was used up for the transaction and the extra cost is cut out, after which the rest is returned to the client.Once the order has been delivered, there are no returns and refunds. However, if there is something in the content that our clients are not satisfied with, they can always go for revisions and modify it until it is up to their expectations.The refund will be made to the account with which you have provided all the details, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our clients receive the refund under the right circumstances.
  • Copyright:
  • For the content that we will create and provide you with, we have to particular copyright on it. You will reserve all the rights of that content, as a client, and will be free to publish the content anywhere, as you like to publish it. Our website will not be holding any of the rights of that particular content.However, we do hold the copyrights of everything that is mentioned on this website. We do not give a right to anyone to plagiarize and reuse the content that we are posting on this website. We hold the rights for this website, for the content on this website, and our name. Any act that we observe to be going against the copyright points that we have set forth will be strictly dealt with.
  • Changes to terms and conditions:
  • All the terms and conditions which have been set forth in this document are the ones which will be applied as long as we do not publish a separate document for the modified terms and conditions. In the case that we plan to change these terms and conditions, we will make sure that our clients get notified about the change, and are fully aware of it, before placing an order. Until then, the same set of terms and conditions are going to be in order, and are expected to be read by all of our clients.When our clients place an order, it is automatically assumed that they agree with these terms and conditions.
Our Vision

To become the largest content solutions company, offering quality content at the lowest price in the industry.

To provide single-stop solution for all type of contents.

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