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Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2023

2023 is all set to unleash an evolved face of content marketing. So, it’s time again when you content marketers are bracing yourselves up to plan out your content marketing tasks for 2023.

Setting your budgets, working out marketing strategies, planning out promotions- there’s a whole lot of work at hand. The most important work, however, is to study the recent content marketing trends and work upon them to maximise ROI.

So, let’s take a look at the most important content marketing trends in 2023.

Importance of Content Marketing

Most buyers today prefer to do extensive online research about any particular brand which they intend to buy. Thus, the importance of good ‘content’ has increased manifold over the past decades. This has led to a surge in content marketing through which good and valuable content is being created, published and distributed for target audiences.

The marketer has thus been able to enhance brand awareness and also establish the brand as the preferred one in the industry. The engaging and informative content attracts more viewers and subsequently helps marketers expand their customer base.

Trends in 2023

Every year content marketers witness changes in marketing strategies and consumer behaviour. Hence, being well informed and up to date about all the recent trends is a pre requisite.

So, it’s time now that you get your action plan for 2023 ready.

Here are a few of the content marketing trends to look out for in 2023.

  1. Increased popularity of videos and live streaming

We all love watching videos and it is a known fact that any form of visual content appeals more to buyers. This trend will continue in 2023. Your business will receive the highest ROI from videos and marketers will surely vouch for this fact. Facebook videos are watched by millions of people every day. Videos also enhance SEO and are favoured in search results.

Live streaming will also gain popularity. Live product information, tutorials, tours and a lot more content will be showcased through Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Snapchat.

  1. Mobile

Traffic from mobile devices will surpass the traffic from desktops in 2023. More and more internet users are now accessing content through mobiles. Accelerated Mobile Pages has been introduced by Google. It loads super fast and is a lighter form of a webpage. Most brands will prefer to create more mobile friendly content.

  1. More creative content

Content marketing through whitepapers, case studies, blogs, ebooks and other written forms will continue to remain popular and win more email subscribers. However, the demand for more creative content formats has increased today. Hence, most content marketers will aim towards achieving this end in 2023. Just creating a blog or social media content for the sake of it won’t satisfy buyers anymore. Hence, good storytelling will become an integral part of content marketing.

  1. Influencer marketing

The popularity of influencer marketing has catapulted to a whole new level altogether in the past year. This trend is surely here to stay in 2023. Influencer marketing generates leads which are almost eleven times higher than traditional advertising. Moreover, a good influencer for your brand will help in building trust within buyers.

Your strategy should be such that your content is marketed to the right influencer who will be relevant to your brand. Hence, instead of recruiting one mega celebrity influencer you can go for employing ten small influencers who have relevance to your brand.

  1. Content promotion

Content marketers have gradually realised the importance of promotion of the content which is being created. A few years back, content marketers spent almost 80% on the creation of content and a mere 20% on content promotion. This trend however has changed in the recent years. Native promotion of content has proved to be immensely successful. Hence, most content marketers are now spending on effective promotion of their content and this is something which is most likely to continue in 2023 and beyond.

  1. Personalised content

Considering all buyers as a part of one group will not quite help you in optimising brand awareness and sales through your content. Hence, segmenting content according to the target audience is a good idea. Segmentation and personalisation of content can really enhance the potential of your content and content marketers have been doing just that. You can easily achieve this through a bit of research on the buyers, separate email lists, in app messaging and social media advertising.

  1. Content generated by users

User generated content helps in building trust. It can be in the form of reviews, comments, social media shares or You Tube shares. Such content is really gaining popularity today. Hence, this content marketing strategy will surely rule the roost in 2023.


The content marketing industry is evolving with every passing year and the industry is surely going to thrive in 2023. With a whole lot of things happening, there’s a lot of hard work and challenges awaiting all you content marketers. So get ready to usher in another year of great content marketing.

Amrita is an online content marketer at WebTextPro with more than 8 years of experience in the content universe. Amrita focuses mainly on content creation, editing, content management, and social media marketing. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work.

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